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Why EzNet Works

Dr. Maxwell

"It is easy to be impressed with EzNET's recoiling frame, a result of novel engineering, which lead to the Red Corner Mold. EzNET's "exo-skeletal" construction sets a new standard for ruggedness in plastic nets. EzNET absorbs and disperses impact energy from professional puck and soccer ball shots, and children's bodies. EzNET's system of similar tubes sliding into and out of each other, then being held, and released, by the specially fitted mesh hooking onto, and off of, the Red Corner Mold, facilitates portability. I have seen EzNETs in daily use for four years by teenagers and EzNETs look and work like they did the first day."

Andrew Maxwell, Ph.D., MBA



EzNet Recoil

Just like basketball rims recoil now, EzNETs recoil


Recoil Action

Fits in an Elevator

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