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EZnet® encourages and empowers children to exercise on their own and to get outside and play! EZnet was invented by a father for his children and yours.

Eznet® is a 4x6 sports net that 1: children put up and down in under 5 minutes without tools or adults 2: they carry it in its shoulder bag 3: adults cannot break with pucks in cold weather. 4: boasts a unique recoil design that absorbs impact. EZnet® is ideal for apartment-dwelling children to carry in their elevator and tuck away under their bed!


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Mary Ann Allin

Brampton Good Neighbours Award

Hello Tom, Great to see you today and to meet your wife as well! Hope your Reno comes along the way you hope? Here are my honest comments about your EZnet. "EZnets are an amazing invention! Our neighbourhood won a set of EZnets for being named Brampton's Best Neighbourhood in 2013. The kids love them! They are so light-weight to carry, very simple and easy to put together and can be used in all seasons and by kids big and small. They are sturdy and can withstand any rough shots or movement. We are thrilled to have a set of EZnets for our Neighbourhood kids to use all on their own whenever they wish!"

Mary Ann Allin

EZnet® is very proud to be selected as the Official Net of the Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer national tournament, after three years of rugged testing produced not one crack or mesh tear. EZnets have been donated for all RHCC tournaments and promotional events.

Road Hockey to Cure Cancer


EZnet's Many Uses

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Invented and Manufactured in Canada